5 Walmart Tiny Homes To Make Your Dreams a Big Reality

Are you dreaming of owning your own cozy, charming tiny home? Look no further than Walmart’s impressive selection of affordable tiny home kits! Packed with creative interior design possibilities, these innovative living spaces allow you to craft your perfect minimalist dwelling on a budget. Let’s explore five fantastic Walmart tiny home options that can turn your homeownership dreams into an affordable reality.

Best Barns Arlington Wood Shed Kit

The Best Barns Arlington Wood Shed Kit exudes rustic charm with its classic barn styling. At 240 sq. ft. and over 11 feet tall, this versatile kit provides ample space for your tiny home dreams.

Key features of the Arlington include:

  • Double doors and two windows with shutters
  • High-quality LP SmartSide treated wood siding
  • Durable asphalt shingle roof
  • DIY-friendly design with all wood framing included

One customer raved: “We converted this into the cutest tiny home! Lots of room for creative interior design. Feels so cozy and homey inside.” With easy Walmart pricing starting at $4,299, the Arlington can affordably bring tiny living to your backyard.

Not only is the Arlington incredibly affordable upfront, but its compact size also leads to lower utility bills and minimal maintenance costs over time. This makes it an excellent option for those seeking an environmentally-friendly tiny living solution on a budget.

When designing the interior layout, the open floor plan allows you to get imaginative. The double doors invite an airy, open atmosphere, perfect for entertaining friends in your new tiny dwelling. With some creative built-in shelving and furniture, you can maximize every inch of space.

Best Barns Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit

Best Barns Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit

For a rustic tiny home with serious visual appeal, the Best Barns Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit is an excellent choice. This 200 sq. ft. kit features:

  • Charming double barn doors
  • Two windows and timber siding options
  • Sturdy A-frame construction
  • Space for creative shelving or loft interior design

Customer Testimonial:After decking out the interior, my new Pinewood tiny home feels so warm and inviting. The barn door entry is my favorite part!

The Pinewood’s compact footprint makes it ideal for those looking to embrace minimalist tiny living to its fullest. Imagine cozying up in this rustic abode with a hot cup of tea, basking in the warm ambiance.

When it comes to interior design, the possibilities are endless. The A-frame construction begs for an inventive loft space, perfect for a cozy sleeping nook. Or leave it open for soaring ceilings and an airy feel. The barn doors can lead onto a delightful little patio or deck extension.

At only $3,988 from Walmart, the Pinewood allows you to put your interior decorating skills to the test on a budget. With some thrifty DIY decor and secondhand furniture finds, you can curate a magazine-worthy cozy home without breaking the bank.

Best Barns Brandon Wood Shed

If a modern farmhouse aesthetic appeals to your interior design vision, you’ll love the Best Barns Brandon Wood Shed. At 192 sq. ft. with a 4×8 porch, it offers:

Dimensions12′ x 16′ interior, 11′ interior height
SidingLP SmartSide treated wood panels
EntryDouble entry doors and transom window
LoftRoom for sleeping loft or storage

One Brandon owner shared, “We have so much creative freedom in our new tiny home! The loft space gives us a separate sleeping area, and the porch adds inviting curb appeal.” Priced at $6,286, the Brandon delivers exceptional tiny home value.

The Brandon’s porch area expands your living space, making this model feel far more spacious than its square footage suggests. Imagine sipping your morning coffee on the porch, taking in the scenery. Or set up a bistro set for alfresco dining.

Inside, get innovative with your layout! The loft provides separate sleeping quarters, so you can keep the main living area open and clutter-free. Built-in storage nooks in the loft free up floor space below.

With natural light pouring in through the windows and double doors, you can embrace an airy, open-concept design. Add some plush textiles, houseplants, and rustic-chic accents for that quintessential modern farmhouse feel.

Best Barns Camp Reynolds Wood Shed Kit

Best Barns Camp Reynolds Wood Shed Kit

Embrace cozy cabin vibes with the delightful Best Barns Camp Reynolds Wood Shed Kit. This 192 sq. ft. A-frame features:

  • Charming gambrel roof and patio doors
  • Premium cedar wood siding and trim
  • Durable asphalt shingles
  • Open interior to customize as you like

At just $5,184 from Walmart, the Camp Reynolds kit is a flexible, affordable route to gorgeous tiny home living. As one owner put it, “We adore our new Camp Reynolds tiny cabin! So warm and inviting inside with its rustic wood finishes.

The Camp Reynolds really nails that cozy cabin ambiance, thanks to its pitched roof and rustic materials like cedar wood siding. Can’t you just imagine curling up by the fireplace (or wood stove) with a mug of hot cocoa?

When designing the interior, lean into those log cabin vibes with wood-paneled walls, exposed beams and plenty of plaid accents. The patio doors let in an abundance of natural light, while providing access to an outdoor living room of sorts.

You can get as creative as you like with the open floor plan. Incorporate cozy nooks and crannies by adding built-in shelving or using room dividers. A loft area could provide separate sleeping quarters or simply bonus storage space.

Handy Home Products Beachwood Wood Storage Shed

For a coastal cottage feel, the Handy Home Beachwood Wood Storage Shed is simply beachy perfection. Key features include:

  • 240 sq. ft. of interior space
  • Double entry doors and workbench area
  • Three window options to let in natural light
  • Durable LP SmartSide wood siding

You can bring home this charming tiny house for only $4,997 from Walmart. One happy customer shared, “My new Beachwood tiny home has such a relaxing and carefree vibe. I wake up feeling like I’m on vacation every day!

With its sloped roof and crisp white siding, the Beachwood kit has “quaint seaside cottage” written all over it. The interior possibilities are endless for crafting your own laid-back, low-key beach bungalow haven.

Think breezy and bright when designing the interior. Opt for light, airy color palettes with touches of coral or turquoise to echo that calming coastal vibe. Shiplap walls, beadboard accents, and distressed wood furnishings add quintessential beach chic flair.

The double doors and abundance of windows allow that beautiful natural light to pour in. Install some flowy, gauzy curtains to enhance the beachy ambiance while still enjoying privacy. Add personal touches like hanging macrame plant holders and woven baskets for storage.

With its open floor plan, you can easily create separate living, sleeping, and dining zones within the Beachwood. A sliding barn door could artfully divide the sleeping area. Built-in benches or banquettes provide bonus seating and storage.

Making the dream of homeownership a reality has never been more affordable and achievable than with Walmart’s fantastic selection of tiny home kits. Between the rustic Arlington, eye-catching Pinewood, modern Brandon, cozy Camp Reynolds, and breezy Beachwood models, there is a perfect tiny home kit to suit every style and budget.

One of the biggest advantages of building your own tiny home is the opportunity for creative customization. With an open floor plan as your blank canvas, you can craft living spaces that efficiently meet all your needs while aligning with your personal design aesthetic.

For example, a crafty DIYer could install clever built-in storage solutions like shelving, cabinets, and drawer units to keep the space clutter-free. Incorporating multi-functional furniture like futons or murphy beds helps small spaces live large. And strategically placing mirrors can create the illusion of an even more open, airy environment.

When selecting fixtures, appliances and materials, choose products specifically designed for tiny homes and RVs. Pint-sized appliances, space-saving fixtures and compact furniture make the most of every square foot. Of course, light neutral hues will also visually expand the interior.

Don’t be afraid to think vertically as well! Lofted sleeping areas, hanging planters, and tall shelving units can create separate living zones while harnessing all available space. Get creative with partitions, curtain room dividers or even install a tiny home fireplace as a cozy focal point.

The key is letting your imagination run wild and designing a one-of-a-kind tiny home tailored to your lifestyle. With some budget-savvy DIY skills and an eye for space-maximizing interior design, these Walmart kits provide an affordable foundation for endless personalization.

From the barn-inspired Arlington to the bungalow-esque Beachwood, each of these tiny home model kits enables you to craft your very own unique, expertly-customized living space. With prices from just $3,988, buying your cozy homeownership dream is finally within reach.

So browse through Walmart’s collection of high-quality yet inexpensive tiny home kits today! Let your creativity soar as you design innovative living areas, cozy sleeping nooks, and storage solutions galore. With some budget-friendly decor, furnishings and DIY spirit, your perfect tiny home vision can soon become a big, delightful reality.

What Is The Tiny House Philosophy?

The tiny house philosophy is centered around the idea of simplifying one’s lifestyle and living space in order to prioritize what’s truly important and meaningful. It promotes downsizing from large, excessive homes to compact, efficient dwellings typically under 400 square feet.

At its core, the tiny house movement values:

Financial Freedom Tiny homes cost significantly less to build or purchase compared to traditional houses. This allows owners to minimize expenses, consumer debt, and the ties of an oppressive mortgage payment. The affordability provides financial flexibility.

Environmental Sustainability With their smaller footprints and lower maintenance requirements, tiny houses consume far fewer natural resources in their construction and day-to-day operation. This aligns with eco-conscious values of reducing waste and one’s carbon footprint.

Increased Mobility Many tiny homes are built on trailer platforms, making them portable and suited for a nomadic lifestyle. This appeals to those seeking adventures or simply the freedom of easily relocating.

Simplicity and Minimalism
Embracing a simpler way of living is key. Tiny homes force owners to carefully prioritize what’s essential and discard the excess “stuff” that doesn’t enrich their lives. This decluttered approach reduces stress and shifts focus to experiences over possessions.

Community and Relationships With less time and money tied up in home maintenance/ownership, the tiny life allows more opportunities to spend quality time pursuing hobbies, fostering relationships, and being engaged in the community.

At its heart, the tiny house philosophy encourages evaluating one’s personal values and realigning their lifestyle to what truly matters most to them. For many, that means trading underutilized spaces and unnecessary accumulations for a simplified, purposeful life.

Why Would Someone Want To Live In A Tiny House?

What Is The Tiny House Philosophy

There are many compelling reasons why someone might choose to live in a tiny house. Here are some of the primary motivations:

  1. Financial Freedom Tiny houses are significantly more affordable than traditional homes, both in upfront costs and low ongoing expenses. This allows owners to minimize debt, save more money, and achieve financial independence sooner.
  2. Environmental Consciousness With their compact size and efficient use of resources, tiny homes have a much smaller environmental footprint. This appeals to those wanting to reduce consumption and live more sustainably.
  3. Increased Mobility Many tiny houses are built on trailer platforms, making them portable. This nomadic flexibility is perfect for people who want the freedom to easily travel or relocate.
  4. Simplified Living The tiny lifestyle eliminates excess belongings and frees owners from the burden of maintaining a large space. This simplicity reduces stress and shifts focus to what truly matters.
  5. Community Connection Tiny homeowners often find themselves part of a supportive community that values experiences over possessions. More time/money goes towards relationships and engagement.
  6. Adventure and Self-Sufficiency Building one’s own unique tiny home can be an empowering, adventurous DIY project. And living tiny encourages resourcefulness and skills in self-sufficient living.
  7. Retirement Planning A tiny home’s low costs can drastically reduce living expenses during retirement while providing the security of owning your living space.
  8. Transitional Housing Tiny homes make excellent temporary housing solutions when between life stages, going through significant changes, or needing flexible accommodations.

In essence, the tiny house lifestyle appeals to those seeking affordable simplicity, mobility, environmental stewardship, and self-reliant living focused on life’s most meaningful aspects.

How Big Is The Largest Tiny Home?

How Big Is The Largest Tiny Home

There is no official definition or size limit for what qualifies as a “tiny home”, but most experts generally agree that any dwelling under 400-500 square feet can be considered a tiny home.

With that said, the largest tiny homes you’ll typically find range from around 400-450 square feet of total interior living space.

Some examples of larger tiny home models on the higher end of the spectrum include:

  • Escape Traveler XL (344 sq ft)
  • Tumbleweed Cypress (344 sq ft)
  • KerriCamper (380 sq ft)
  • Tiny SMART House (436 sq ft)
  • Ironwood Cove (497 sq ft)

Many of these maximized tiny homes achieve the larger square footage by incorporating lofts, vaulted ceilings, multipurpose spaces, and extensions like porches or bumped-out additions.

However, once you venture much past the 500 square foot mark, the dwelling likely no longer captures the true essence and principles of a tiny home focused on minimalist, simplified living.

On the smallest end, some of the tiniest tiny homes can be as compact as 100-200 square feet. But generally, most seem to fall in the 250-400 square foot sweet spot that allows for all the basic living necessities while still promoting the tiny house philosophy.

So in summary, while there’s no definitive limit, the largest tiny homes tend to max out around 400-450 square feet of total interior space in order to maintain the minimalism, efficiency and mobility that defines the tiny living movement.

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