Prince William’s Fictional Girlfriend Lola Kincaid In The Crown Is Based On Real Romance

As viewers watched the latest season of Netflix’s royal drama “The Crown,” many found themselves captivated by the storyline involving Prince William’s fictional girlfriend, Lola Kincaid. Portrayed by actress Carley Massy-Birch, Lola’s character offered a glimpse into William’s life as a young university student navigating the complexities of royal romance while craving a sense of normalcy.

However, what viewers may not realize is that this fictional relationship was inspired by William’s real-life college girlfriend, with whom he shared an intense yet low-key romance during his years at St. Andrews University. The Crown’s creators took artistic license to fictionalize this pivotal relationship, but the core essence was drawn from the Prince’s actual experiences.

Let’s dive deeper into the real-life woman who inspired Lola Kincaid and explore how The Crown aimed to capture William’s relatable struggles with relationships, privacy, and finding his place in the world before committing to his current wife, Kate Middleton.

Who Was Prince William’s Real Girlfriend That Inspired Lola Kincaid?

In the early 2000s, before meeting Kate, Prince William dated a fellow student named Carrie Reichert. Like Lola’s character, Carrie was not from a royal or aristocratic background, but rather a middle-class British woman studying at the prestigious University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

The two met in their first year and quickly formed a connection, bonding over their shared interests and the desire to maintain a sense of normalcy amidst the frenzy surrounding the Prince’s presence on campus. Their relationship was kept relatively private, with Carrie avoiding the media spotlight as much as possible.

Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last, with the couple parting ways after a few years of dating. While the specific reasons for their breakup remain unknown, it’s believed that the pressures of William’s royal duties and the intense public scrutiny played a role in the relationship’s demise.

Despite its relatively short-lived nature, William’s relationship with Carrie is considered a pivotal moment in his personal growth and development, serving as a formative experience that shaped his approach to future romantic partnerships.

Parallels Between Carrie and Lola’s Stories

In crafting the fictional character of Lola Kincaid, The Crown’s writers drew several direct parallels from William’s real-life relationship with Carrie Reichert. Let’s explore some of the key similarities:

  1. Non-Royal Backgrounds: Both Carrie and Lola came from middle-class, non-aristocratic families, highlighting William’s desire for a sense of normalcy and relatability in his romantic life.
  2. University Setting: The show accurately depicted William’s relationships unfolding during his time at St. Andrews University, a formative period in his personal and academic development.
  3. Media Scrutiny: Just as Carrie faced intense media attention as William’s girlfriend, Lola’s character grappled with the challenges of maintaining privacy and anonymity while in the public eye.
  4. Struggle for Normalcy: The Crown aimed to capture William’s relatable experiences as a young adult trying to balance his personal life, relationships, and the ever-present pressures of his royal duties.

While The Crown took creative liberties in fictionalized aspects of Lola’s character and her relationship with William, the core essence of their connection was inspired by the Prince’s real-life experiences with Carrie Reichert.

How The Crown Captured William’s Struggle With Relationships and Privacy

Beyond the specific romantic storyline, The Crown’s depiction of William’s relationship with Lola Kincaid aimed to shed light on the broader challenges he faced in navigating the complexities of royal romance and maintaining a sense of privacy.

As a young man in his early twenties, William was thrust into the spotlight from a very young age, with his every move scrutinized by the media and the public. This constant attention made it incredibly difficult for him to pursue normal romantic relationships without facing intense scrutiny and pressure.

The character of Lola exemplified the struggles that William’s real-life partners endured, being thrust into the public eye simply by association. Just as Carrie Reichert faced relentless media attention and intrusion into her personal life, Lola’s character grappled with the loss of anonymity and privacy that came with dating the future King.

Moreover, The Crown aimed to depict William’s internal conflicts as he navigated the expectations placed upon him as a royal heir while craving the freedom and normalcy that his peers enjoyed. His relationships, including the one portrayed with Lola, served as a glimpse into his efforts to find balance and assert his independence within the confines of his privileged yet scrutinized existence.

Other Real Royal Relationships Fictionalized in The Crown

While the storyline involving Lola Kincaid drew heavily from William’s real-life relationship with Carrie Reichert, The Crown also fictionalized several other romantic connections in the Prince’s life. Here are a few examples:

  • Olive Baker: This character, portrayed by Hayden Hixon, was loosely based on William’s alleged romance with Jecca Craig, the daughter of famous British conservationist Ian Craig.
  • Davina Duckworth-Chad: Played by Lucy Bateman, this character represented one of William’s past relationships before he met Kate Middleton, potentially inspired by his brief fling with Arabella Musgrave or Rose Farquhar.
  • Olivia Hunt: Portrayed by Catherine Lindsay Burn, this character was introduced as William’s final girlfriend before committing to Kate, potentially drawing inspiration from his real-life relationship with Olivia Tallent or another unknown romance.

By weaving these fictionalized characters into the narrative, The Crown aimed to provide a broader portrayal of William’s personal life and romantic experiences, highlighting the complexities he faced in finding a suitable partner who could navigate the demands of royal life.


The Crown’s depiction of Prince William’s fictional relationship with Lola Kincaid may have been fictionalized, but the core essence of their connection was undoubtedly inspired by the Prince’s real-life romance with Carrie Reichert during his university years at St. Andrews.

Through this storyline, the show aimed to capture the relatable struggles William faced in navigating romantic relationships, maintaining privacy, and asserting his independence amidst the ever-present pressures of his royal duties.

By blending fact and fiction, The Crown offered viewers a humanizing glimpse into the personal lives of the modern British royal family, reminding us that even those born into privilege face their own set of unique challenges and experiences.

As we reflect on this intriguing portrayal of William’s past, one can’t help but wonder: How might his formative relationships and experiences shape his approach to parenting and preparing his own children for the demands of royal life? Only time will tell, but The Crown has undoubtedly sparked a renewed interest in the personal journeys of the monarchy’s future leaders.

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