BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys Cut Reliable WR In Bid To Save $9.5 Million; Trade For Stefon Diggs Coming?

In a shocking move that sent shockwaves through the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys have released veteran wide receiver Michael Gallup, a reliable target for Dak Prescott over the past four seasons. This surprising decision, aimed at saving a substantial $9.5 million in cap space, has fueled intense speculation about the Cowboys’ offseason plans. 

Rumors are swirling that Dallas could be gearing up for a blockbuster trade to acquire Stefon Diggs, the elite wide receiver from the Buffalo Bills. Such a move would undoubtedly bolster the Cowboys’ passing attack but would also require significant financial maneuvering and draft capital compensation. As the offseason unfolds, all eyes will be on the Cowboys’ pursuit of wide receiver reinforcements, with the Diggs rumors taking center stage in their bid to build a Super Bowl contender.

Cowboys’ Salary Cap Situation

The Dallas Cowboys have found themselves in a tight salary cap situation this offseason, prompting them to make some tough decisions to create much-needed financial flexibility. As one of the league’s most valuable franchises, the Cowboys are expected to be aggressive in reshaping their roster for a Super Bowl run. However, years of costly contracts and restructures have left them with limited cap space to work with.

To alleviate some of the burden, the team has already restructured the deals of stars like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. But even after those moves, they remained millions over the cap heading into the new league year. This left them with no choice but to part ways with some veteran talents, leading to the shocking release of a reliable wide receiver.

WR Released: Michael Gallup

WR Released Michael Gallup

In a surprising move, the Cowboys have decided to cut ties with Michael Gallup, parting ways with the veteran receiver after four seasons. Gallup, who was set to enter the final year of his contract, was a consistent and dependable target for Dak Prescott during his tenure in Dallas.


Despite his reliability and on-field production, Gallup’s release will save the Cowboys a substantial $9.5 million in cap space for the upcoming season. This difficult decision highlights the team’s determination to create financial flexibility, even if it means parting ways with a proven veteran and key contributor to their passing attack.

Potential Targets in Free Agency/Trade

With the newfound cap savings, the Cowboys are expected to be aggressive in pursuing reinforcements for their wide receiver corps. One name that has been frequently mentioned in trade rumors is Stefon Diggs of the Buffalo Bills.

Acquiring Diggs, who is considered one of the elite pass catchers in the league, would provide a significant boost to the Cowboys’ offense. The talented wide receiver has recorded back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons and has proven to be a game-changing threat for the high-powered Bills offense led by Josh Allen.

However, the cost of acquiring Diggs could be steep, as the Bills are unlikely to part ways with their star receiver without receiving substantial compensation in return. Rumors have suggested that Dallas may need to part with multiple draft picks, potentially including a first-rounder, to pry Diggs away from Buffalo.

If a Diggs trade proves too costly, the Cowboys could explore more affordable options in free agency. Some potential targets could include:

  • Allen Lazard (Green Bay Packers)
  • DJ Chark (Detroit Lions)
  • Marvin Jones Jr. (Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Jarvis Landry (New Orleans Saints)

While none of these options match Diggs’ elite talent, they could provide valuable depth and experience to a receiver room that will be missing Gallup’s reliable presence.

Revamping the WR Corps

Even with the departure of Gallup, the Cowboys still boast a talented wide receiver corps led by CeeDee Lamb, who emerged as a bonafide star and Prescott’s go-to target last season. However, the depth behind Lamb is a concern, especially after the team’s decision to release Gallup.

Remaining WRsAgeReceptions (2022)Yards (2022)Touchdowns (2022)
CeeDee Lamb231071,3599
Michael Gallup27394174
Jalen Tolbert232120
Dennis Houston25000

The addition of a talent like Stefon Diggs would not only provide Prescott with another elite weapon, but it would also take some of the defensive pressure off Lamb, allowing the Cowboys’ offense to reach new heights.

Alternatively, if the team opts for a more budget-friendly approach in free agency, they could aim to add multiple complementary pieces to bolster their depth and provide Prescott with a diverse set of reliable targets.

Fitting Diggs’ Contract

Fitting Diggs' Contract

One potential roadblock in a Stefon Diggs trade could be his current contract situation. Diggs is under team control for the next four seasons, with cap hits ranging from $17.9 million to $25.4 million during that span.

For the Cowboys to make such a move work, they would likely need to rework Diggs’ deal to create more immediate cap relief. This could involve converting a portion of his base salary into a signing bonus, spreading the cap hit over the remaining years of the contract.

Additionally, the team may need to explore extensions for Prescott or other key players to create further cap space. While risky, these maneuvers could provide the financial flexibility necessary to accommodate Diggs’ sizable contract while leaving room to address other roster needs.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue a trade for Diggs would come down to whether the Cowboys view him as a missing piece that could propel them to Super Bowl contention. If they believe his addition could provide the offensive firepower needed to compete with the league’s elite teams, the front office may be willing to go all-in and make the necessary financial sacrifices.

Closing Thoughts

The release of Michael Gallup was a difficult but necessary move for the Dallas Cowboys as they navigate a challenging salary cap situation. While parting ways with a reliable veteran target is never easy, the $9.5 million in savings provides much-needed financial flexibility for the team to address other areas of the roster.

As the Cowboys look to revamp their wide receiver corps, all eyes will be on their pursuit of Stefon Diggs. Acquiring the elite Bills wide receiver would undoubtedly provide a significant boost to the passing attack, but it would also require a substantial investment of draft capital and cap space.

Regardless of whether the Diggs trade materializes or not, the Cowboys are expected to be active in free agency, exploring various options to bolster their receiving corps and provide Dak Prescott with the weapons necessary to lead the team on a deep playoff run.

With the NFL Draft on the horizon, the team will also have the opportunity to infuse young talent into the wide receiver room, potentially finding the next star to complement CeeDee Lamb for years to come.

As the offseason progresses, the Cowboys’ pursuit of wide receiver reinforcements will be a storyline worth following closely. Will they make the splash move for Diggs? Or will they take a more measured approach, spreading their resources across multiple targets?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the Dallas Cowboys are determined to leave no stone unturned in their quest to build a Super Bowl-caliber roster, even if it means making difficult decisions like parting ways with a trusted veteran like Michael Gallup.

What are your thoughts on the Cowboys’ offseason moves so far? Do you think they should go all-in for Stefon Diggs, or would you prefer a more balanced approach? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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