Ashley Cordray

In the world of home renovation and historic preservation, few names shine as brightly as Ashley Cordray. This American actor and restorer has captured hearts nationwide with her role in “Big Texas Fix” (also known as “Restoring Galveston”).

Let’s dive into the life, career, and impact of this remarkable TV personality who’s breathing new life into the architectural treasures of the Lone Star State.

Who is Ashley Cordray?

Ashley Cordray burst onto the scene as a passionate advocate for revitalizing Galveston’s forgotten architectural gems. Born in 1987, making her 33 years old as of 2024, Ashley’s journey from Texas native to HGTV star is a tale of determination, vision, and a deep-rooted love for history.

Growing up in the Lone Star State, Ashley developed an early fascination with historic buildings and their stories. This passion would later fuel her career and make her a household name among renovation enthusiasts across America.

Early Life and Education

  • Born and raised in Texas
  • Attended local schools, showing an early interest in art and design
  • Pursued higher education in real estate and business
  • Participated in local historical societies during college years

Ashley’s educational background laid the foundation for her future success. She combined her love for history with practical knowledge of real estate markets, creating a unique skill set that would serve her well in the years to come. During her college years, Ashley interned at a local architectural firm, gaining hands-on experience in building restoration techniques.

“I always knew I wanted to do something meaningful with my life. Preserving history through architecture just clicked for me.” – Ashley Cordray

Discovering Galveston

It was during a post-college trip to Galveston that Ashley fell in love with the city’s rich architectural heritage. The island’s Victorian-era mansions and storm-weathered beach houses spoke to her, igniting a passion that would shape her future career.

What is the Net Worth of Ashley Cordray in 2024? Salary, Earnings

As Ashley’s star has risen, so too has her net worth. While exact figures can be hard to pin down, various sources estimate her net worth in 2024 to be in the range of $1-3 million. This impressive sum comes from multiple income streams:

  1. TV show earnings from “Restoring Galveston”
  2. Real estate investments and flips
  3. Renovation projects through Save 1900
  4. Potential sponsorships and endorsements
  5. Speaking engagements and workshops
Income SourceEstimated Contribution
TV Show40-50%
Real Estate30-40%

While Ashley’s salary from HGTV isn’t public knowledge, it’s safe to say that her earnings have grown substantially since the show’s debut. HGTV stars can command hefty paychecks, especially as their shows gain popularity. Industry insiders suggest that leads on successful HGTV shows can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per episode.

Financial Impact on Galveston

Ashley’s success hasn’t just benefited her personal finances. Her work has had a ripple effect on Galveston’s economy:

  • Increased property values in renovated neighborhoods
  • Boost in tourism related to architectural interest
  • Job creation in construction and restoration industries
  • Renewed interest in real estate investment in historic areas

Where was Ashley Cordray born? Ethnicity

Ashley Cordray proudly hails from Texas, with her roots deeply embedded in the state’s rich cultural tapestry. While specific details about her birthplace aren’t widely publicized, her connection to Galveston is undeniable.

As for her ethnicity, Ashley is of mixed ancestry with American nationality. This diverse background likely contributes to her broad appeal and ability to connect with a wide range of viewers and clients. Her mixed heritage reflects the melting pot nature of Texas itself, a state known for its cultural diversity.

“Galveston isn’t just where we work, it’s our home. Every building we save is a piece of history preserved for future generations.” – Ashley Cordray

Cultural Influence on Her Work

Ashley’s background influences her approach to restoration in several ways:

  • Appreciation for diverse architectural styles
  • Sensitivity to preserving culturally significant elements of homes
  • Ability to blend modern amenities with historical aesthetics
  • Commitment to telling the stories of all Galveston’s communities through architecture

How tall is Ashley Cordray? Weight, Hair Color

Ashley Cordray stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm). While her exact weight isn’t public information, she maintains a healthy, athletic build that serves her well in the physically demanding world of home renovation.

One of Ashley’s most striking features is her blonde hair, which she often wears in casual, beachy waves – perfectly suited to Galveston’s laid-back coastal vibe. Her approachable appearance and style have made her a relatable figure for viewers across America.

Ashley’s Approach to Public Image

Unlike many TV personalities, Ashley maintains a down-to-earth image that resonates with her audience:

  • Typically seen in work-appropriate clothing on job sites
  • Minimal makeup, emphasizing a natural look
  • Casual, friendly demeanor both on and off camera
  • Active lifestyle that reflects the physical nature of her work

This authentic presentation has endeared her to fans and contributed to the success of “Restoring Galveston.”

Is Ashley Cordray Single? Relationship, Boyfriend

Far from single, Ashley Cordray is happily married to her partner in both life and business, Michael Cordray. Their love story is as charming as the homes they restore:

  • Met through mutual friends at a Galveston historical society event
  • Bonded over shared passion for historic preservation and beach life
  • Dated for two years before getting engaged
  • Married in a beautiful ceremony in a restored Galveston mansion
  • Work together as co-hosts of “Restoring Galveston”

The Cordrays have successfully navigated the challenges of mixing business with pleasure. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable, making them a favorite among HGTV viewers.

Family Life

Ashley and Michael are proud parents, juggling their TV careers with the joys and demands of raising a family. While they keep their children largely out of the spotlight, it’s clear that family is at the heart of everything they do.

  • Welcomed their first child in 2019
  • Often share glimpses of family life on social media
  • Balance work commitments with quality family time
  • Incorporate child-friendly spaces in their renovation designs

How did Ashley Cordray start her Professional Career?

Ashley’s professional journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Her career path unfolded in several key stages:

  1. Real Estate Beginnings: After college, Ashley dipped her toes into the real estate market, quickly realizing her knack for spotting potential in undervalued properties.
  2. Save 1900 Launch: Partnering with Michael, Ashley co-founded Save 1900, a company dedicated to rescuing and restoring Galveston’s historic homes.
  3. Early Renovation Projects: The couple took on increasingly challenging renovations, honing their skills and building a reputation in the Galveston community.
  4. HGTV Discovery: Their unique approach and compelling backstory caught the eye of HGTV producers, leading to a pilot episode.
  5. “Restoring Galveston” Debut: The show, initially titled “Big Texas Fix,” premiered to enthusiastic audiences, showcasing the Cordrays’ talent for bringing old homes back to life.

Case Study: The Kettle House

One of Ashley’s most memorable projects was the renovation of Galveston’s iconic “Kettle House.” This unique, steel-domed structure had been a local curiosity for decades:

  • Built in the 1960s but never completed
  • Withstood numerous hurricanes due to its sturdy construction
  • Sat abandoned for years before the Cordrays purchased it
  • Transformed into a stunning beach house while preserving its distinctive shape
  • Featured prominently in “Restoring Galveston,” garnering national attention

The Kettle House renovation exemplifies Ashley’s ability to see potential in even the most unusual properties, a skill that has become her trademark.

Impact on Galveston

Ashley’s work goes beyond mere television entertainment. Through her efforts:

  • Dozens of historic Galveston homes have been saved from demolition
  • Property values in restored neighborhoods have increased
  • Tourism has gotten a boost as people flock to see the Cordrays’ handiwork
  • A new generation has been inspired to appreciate and preserve architectural history
  • Local craftsmanship and restoration skills have been revitalized

Ashley Cordray on Social Media

As her fame has grown, so too has Ashley’s social media presence. Her Instagram account (@savegalvestonhomes) offers fans a behind-the-scenes look at ongoing projects, glimpses of family life, and inspiration for aspiring renovators.

PlatformHandleFollower Count (approx.)
FacebookSave 190050K+

Through these channels, Ashley continues to educate and inspire, sharing her love for Galveston’s unique architecture with a global audience.

Engaging with Fans

Ashley’s approach to social media is characterized by:

  • Regular updates on current renovation projects
  • Before-and-after shots of completed homes
  • Tips and advice for DIY enthusiasts
  • Q&A sessions addressing fan questions about restoration
  • Promotion of Galveston’s history and tourism

This engagement has helped build a loyal fan base and further spread the message of historic preservation.

Ashley’s Vision for the Future

As Ashley looks to the future, her goals extend beyond personal success:

  1. Expanding Save 1900: Plans to take on larger, more complex restoration projects
  2. Educational Initiatives: Developing workshops and courses on historic preservation
  3. Community Involvement: Partnering with local schools to inspire young people about architecture and history
  4. Sustainable Restoration: Incorporating eco-friendly practices into historic renovations
  5. Writing a Book: Sharing her experiences and knowledge in a comprehensive guide to home restoration

“We’re not just saving buildings; we’re preserving stories, memories, and the essence of what makes Galveston special.” – Ashley Cordray


From Texas native to HGTV star, Ashley Cordray’s journey is a blueprint for turning passion into profession. Her work in Galveston not only preserves the city’s rich architectural heritage but also inspires countless viewers to see the potential in forgotten spaces.

As Ashley continues to balance her roles as restorer, TV personality, wife, and mother, one thing is clear: her impact on Galveston – and the world of historic preservation – will be felt for generations to come. Through her dedication, skill, and infectious enthusiasm, Ashley Cordray is not just restoring homes; she’s rebuilding a community and inspiring a nation to cherish its architectural treasures.

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